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The Repour wine saver


Opening a new wine is always fun; Seeing leftovers go to waste is not

I've been looking for a cheap and effective way to preserve leftover wine for a long time. Whether it is opening a bottle at the office on a Friday afternoon drinks when you know it won't get finished, or opening something at home to have with dinner, it is a shame to know that by the time you get to finish it in a few days, it won't be as fresh or delicious. 


Alternative affordable wine preservation systems

I've tried the Vacuum pump wine stoppers and gas injection systems, with some good results - but nothing as effective as the Repour. There are more expensive and complex systems too, but for the purposes of this article we are only looking at low-cost and simple options to preserve open wine.

How it works

The Repour wine saver contains oxygen absorbing filters that continuously remove the oxygen from the air above the wine and importantly, from the wine itself.

Oxygen is absorbed into the Repour stopper

Oxygen is absorbed into the Repour stopper

Oxygen is a double-edged sword for wine once opened; it helps by 'opening up' the wine as it is poured from bottle to glass (or if decanted). This helps in the short term (up to a few hours) by activating some of the 'locked up' aromas and flavours in the wine. 

The problem is that, normally, oxygen continues to react with wine in the bottle (this process is called oxidation), well after it has been opened - even if the screwcap or cork is replaced immediately after opening.

The Repour wine stopper contains absorbent filters that remove the oxygen from the space above the wine, and then from within the wine itself (without touching the wine - just by diffusion). Removing oxygen from within the wine is important for stopping the process of oxidation that would normally occur over a period of days after opening.

Push in firmly to seal

Push in firmly to seal

how to use it

Open and pour the wine as normal then insert the Repour wine stopper in place of the bottle's original screwcap or cork. Push it in firmly. Store the wine upright. It can go in the fridge (upright) if it is a white or Rose but it is not necessary. When you are ready to go back to the wine (days or weeks later), pull the Repour stopper out, pour some wine and replace it immediately and firmly to re-seal again. Use one stopper per bottle and dispose of it once the bottle is finished. That's it.


My Test Results

Having tested it myself, I can say that it works amazingly well. After having opened a bottle, I poured a glass and left it for a week.  When I went back to it, the wine still tasted like it has just been opened. I've tried it with all sorts of still (non-fizzy) wine (Shiraz, Pinot Noir, Pinot Grigio, Chardonnay) and have found that they all stay remarkably fresh, even after being opened multiple times. 

In my testing, I removed the bottle's normal screwcap, poured a glass, put the Repour stopper in and then came back to each bottle up to 5 times over a period of up to 3 weeks. The first couple of times I opened them they were so fresh that they were still 'closed' - that is, they were preserved so well that it was just like when they were first opened.  No matter - a few minutes of swirling in the glass and the wine started showing the full spectrum of aromatics that a freshly cracked bottle would. After a week and two and three weeks, the wines were still great - aromatic, structured and showing no sign of oxidation.

The 'big win' from my experience is that I no longer need to worry about whether the bottle will be finished off before it 'goes off' (some may say this is never a problem for them!) - however for me it means I get to have a few bottles 'on the go' at once and can dip into whichever one I feel like, knowing that it will still be 100% enjoyable in a week's time.



Campbell Mattinson of The Wine Front tested it on a lighter red (Punt Road Gamay) and said that after five weeks under the Repour the wine was "more or less perfectly preserved. It was drinking equally as well as the day I’d opened it."

He also tested a full-bodied red (Leconfield Cabernet Franc) and after three weeks reported the Repour-sealed wine "as still drinking very well. Advanced a little but not to any great degree." As a control sample, he held another identical bottle with its original screwcap replaced after opening and noted that it was "totally and utterly knackered". 

Kiwi wine writer Yvonne Lorkin tested the Repour and said "I opened a bottle of Barossa shiraz and I was still thinking how fresh and frisky it was about nine weeks after opening. I was impressed." 

Enough said.


How much does it cost?

When buying 20 stoppers direct from the Australian distributor using our discount code, each stopper costs about $2.50.

Use the code WINEWISDOM to receive a $10 discount on orders over $50, excluding shipping. In fact the best option is to add two of the ten-packs to your cart here and then enter the code WINEWISDOM at checkout to receive a $10 discount.  

Think about how much money is being wasted every time a week-old bottle at the office is being tipped down the drain. With the Repour, staff will know that when they reach for last week's bottle, it will be as fresh as it was last week. That means no wasted leftovers.


A simple and effective way to make the most of your wine at the office or home

Don’t forget to use the code WINEWISDOM to receive a $10 discount on orders over $50.