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it's all about the 'why'

Wine Wisdom Made Easy is all about making the most of our senses - celebrating the amazing gifts of smell, taste and sight, among others. That means making the most of each opportunity to enjoy a glass of wine; buying the best-value we can find and appreciating and savoring every part of the wine experience. 

That's why we've set up the Vino for Vision program, where we support an organisation dedicated to preserving the sense of sight for people who need it most. 

Sightsavers is dedicated to fighting avoidable blindness in countries less fortunate than our own. It has been ranked as one of the world's top charities by*.

If you enjoy the wine tips and recommendations presented by Wine Wisdom Made Easy, you can support both this service and the work of Sightsavers by purchasing wine via the links provided in each recommendation. Wine Wisdom Made Easy will donate 10 per cent of all commission-based profit to Sightsavers. 

This will effectively result in some of the normal profit of our Australian wine retail partners being redirected to Sightsavers so they can continue their important work in fighting avoidable blindness.

Our 'why' is summed up in the name of this program: Vino for Vision. 

*This means that according to the research conducted by Givewell, Sightsavers is evidence-backed, thoroughly vetted and underfunded. It has been ranked above many other organisations according to how much good additional donations can do.