Seven Reasons Why This Wine Makes a Perfect Gift

first, a question for you: Does this sound familiar?

You need to stock up on gifts. Gifts for clients, staff, colleagues, friends, family. You are already really, really busy. You need to order soon to allow time for delivery, wrapping, cards and distribution. You are running out of time.

You want to tick one more thing off your ‘to do’ list. You want to be confident. Relaxed in knowing it will impress as a gift.

You could spend an hour searching online for wine among the thousands of offerings, not knowing if the retailer is ‘talking up’ a particular wine based on how much they have in stock and how much they need to sell to make their quarterly targets.

But if you do order one of those, what can you say about it? Can you be confident that your recipient will be pleasantly surprised?

What you need is someone who has done the work for you, researched the options independently and made a recommendation that delivers confidence in your choice.

I’ve done the work for you

I’ve done the research, found something unique, tasted the wine (it’s a tough job), checked the reviews, checked the vintage, considered the winery’s reputation, done the research.

Here’s what I recommend: Howard Park Scotsdale Shiraz 2011, from Frankland River in the Great Southern region of WA. Below I’ll outline why this wine is unique, high quality, and would make a perfect gift. It is available from Dan Murphy’s for under $50. It’s not an everyday wine, for sure. But, if you are after a gift to impress, this wine delivers.

Seven reasons why this wine makes a perfect gift

1. It will show that you have discerning taste

  • This wine is elegant, refined and complex. Just read the comments from some of Australia’s most trusted reviewers:

the tannins are fine, and line, length and balance are all impeccable
fine-grained tannin and overall balance are the keys here

2. Frankland River in the Great Southern region of WA is renowned for elegant, premium Shiraz

  • Frankland River has a relatively cool climate like the Canberra region or the Victorian Alps, which means elegant, complex Shiraz (a different style to full-bodied Shiraz from the Barossa Valley, for example)

  • It is an under-rated region but increasingly recognised for the quality Shiraz it produces. James Halliday says ‘Great Southern is making ground towards taking the lion’s share of the limelight away from Margaret River’

3. The 2011 vintage has been rated 9/10 for red wine in the Great Southern region

  • In other words, the weather leading up to harvest in that year and in that region was almost perfect. So the grapes harvested are above average in quality and expression of character, resulting in a better wine (and importantly for this wine, a better-ageing wine). Here’s a little more info on the vintage conditions and vinification techniques that went into making this wine.

  • All three of the following vintage rating systems rate 2011 a 9/10 for red wine or Shiraz in the Great Southern region Halliday Wine Companion vintage chart , Wine Refined vintage chart , Langton’s vintage chart

4. The winery that makes this wine has a great reputation as a premium producer

5. This particular wine is highly rated by some of Australia’s most trusted critics

The Halliday Wine Companion gave it 95 points

“Light to medium purple-red; a fragrant and lively wine that plays a symphony of red fruits, spice and a counterpoint of licorice; the tannins are fine, and line, length and balance are all impeccable.”

Campbell Mattinson of the Wine Front gave it 91+ points

"Howard Park’s regional shiraz release out of the Great Southern. Matured mostly in French oak though with a spot of American oak (5%) for good measure.

It’s a clean, fruit-driven, well-balanced release. It’s a simple pleasure as a young wine though time in bottle should bring with it complexity. It tastes of plums, toast, mint and brighter, floral, red-berried notes. Succulence is on its side. It should develop well; fine-grained tannin and overall balance are the keys here.”

6. This wine is just reaching its perfect age for drinking

  • The winery recommends cellaring (storing) this particular wine for 7 to 10 years. Given that it is a 2011 wine and we are now in 2018, this wine is right in the sweet spot in terms of maturity. That means it will have the perfect combination of complexity (from cellaring) and freshness (from its abundant fruit flavours)

  • When giving a gift of wine, you want your recipient to be able to enjoy it straight away, knowing it is at the age that the winemakers recommended


7. I tasted it recently with a group of 15 and came out as the wine of the night - Despite having seven years of cellar-age, it is still very fresh, complex, elegant and smooth - perfectly aged and ideal for someone who appreciates fine wine

A perfect choice as a gift. Click the link below to add some to your basket. 

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